Olympic hopeful Ryan Lochte to Vogue: 'I'm a coach's nightmare'

Annie Leibovitz/Vogue.com

Swimmer Ryan Lochte splashes around with model Karlie Kloss.

Annie Leibovitz/Vogue.com

The June issue of Vogue hits newsstands May 22.

With the London Olympics less than 75 days away, Vogue celebrated by including some of America’s top athletes in the pages of their June issue. 

Swimmer Ryan Lochte has already brought home 6 Olympic medals (3 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze), and is hoping to aim for even more in London. Don't worry, everyone — his dangerous extracurriculars won't get in the way: “I’m always bruising and scraping things playing basketball and skateboarding,” he told Vogue writer Robert Sullivan. “I’m pretty much a coach’s nightmare.”

Nicknamed “The Lochtenator,” he’s also a fashion industry darling and, according to Vogue, has collected sponsors that range from Speedo to Ralph Lauren “partly because of the number of events in which he is favored, partly because of a penchant for pairing swimsuits with gold bling.” 

Annie Leibovitz/Vogue.com

Track and field hopeful Ashton Eaton leaps over model Karlie Kloss, wearing Oscar de la Renta, in Vogue's June issue.

Olympic hopeful Ashton Eaton, 24, has his eyes set on competing in the decathlon in London. It’s looking good, as the track and field star scored a record-breaking long jump of 8.16 meters at the World Indoor Championships held in Turkey earlier this year.

He’s not alone: His fiancée Brianne Theisen, 24, of Canada, is also an Olympic hopeful. A track and field star in her home country, Theisen holds the Canadian record for the indoor pentathlon with 4,555 points. Eaton admitted to Vogue that Theisen is better at the high jump and she recently gave him some pointers. “It was pretty technical,” he said. “I don’t have a very good approach, and she has a really good approach.”

Read Vogue's story here, and pick up the magazine on newsstands May 22. 

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