Discovering London's quaint Marylebone district

Karl Bostic, a producer in the London bureau for NBC News who has lived in the Marylebone neighborhood of London for several years, introduces viewers to the unique stores and characters it offers.

I promise you will be surprised and will love my neighborhood when you visit the Marylebone area of London. There are so many unique shops you’ll want to call your own.

If you take a stroll down Marylebone High Street and Marylebone Lane, you are sure to discover something you hadn’t expected to find. At Daunt Books, ask for Brett (the manager) or Diane (the assistant manager) and tell them Karl recommended you stop by.  They will steer you to whatever book you're looking for.

At the Cancer Research charity boutique, the range and quality of the donated clothing is astounding. Allison Brandt, an American volunteer at the shop, is a great help. Matt the manager and Alex are the ones in charge of vetting all that is accepted and priced.

At the Fromagerie, Patricia is a fount of knowledge of local history, and all things cheese and local produce.

Martyn will tell you how his mother got the idea for The Button Queen more than 50 years ago, because of demand from collectors in the U.S.!

And as for VV Rouleaux, a place for flowers, tassels and trimmings of all kinds, if you talk to Rachel or Faye, they will make you feel like you're in Aladdin’s cave!



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