Beach volleyball (and its dance squad) takes TODAY by storm

TODAY was all shook up this morning by the Olympic beach volleyball dance troup. (Yes: That is a thing.)

Beach volleyball has quickly established itself as the cool kid of Olympic events, what with its gnarly Santa Monican origins and devil-may-care bikinis. It's also got an attendant dance squad, who conga between points and perform full routines during technical timeouts. (See a slideshow of the team performing on


Beach volleyball dancers do the conga!

As Savannah said, "This has become THE sport."

Though maybe she should cheer from the stands rather than hit the sands. The anchors' natural athletic prowess didn't shine during a short pickup game against volleyballers Phil "The Thin Beast" Dalhausser and Todd "The Professor" Rogers.


Matt tried to distract the beach volleyball Olympians with his colorful jacket.

The gold medalists creamed them, even with Matt, Al, Natalie, Savannah and Hoda all on the same team. 

It's OK, guys, there's always 2016. 

Julieanne Smolinski is a contributor who believes there are very few things that can't be improved with the addition of a dance squad.

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