Ryan Lochte: I want a 'stare-off' with Phelps

If Ryan Lochte could have his way, Thursday’s swimming showdown with Michael Phelps would start with Lil’ Wayne blaring out of the loudspeakers, move to a stare down with Phelps and end with Lochte winning in world-record time.

Lochte will gladly settle for at least the last part becoming reality.

Before gearing up to go head-to-head with Phelps for the final time in the Olympics during the 200-meter individual medley, Lochte was asked by Matt Lauer on TODAY Thursday to describe his perfect race.

“In the middle lanes it’s me and Michael,’’ Lochte said about his dream scenario. “I look over at Phelps, and we have like a little stare-off. We’re just staring at each other like, ‘Who wants it more?’’’

Phelps is trying to add to his Olympic-record haul of 19 career medals, while Lochte is trying to take home his third gold medal in one of the most-anticipated events in London. In Lochte’s mind, he would be off the blocks quickly and neck-and-neck with Phelps before a big finish.

“I’m hitting the water like a rocket, and I’m not looking back,’’ Lochte said. “Going into the last turn, we both go underwater, and we both look at each other because we’re dead even. It’s a close race, and I just destroy everyone off the last wall. I take off and going into the home stretch, I touch that wall and I shattered the world record. Just killed it by a second or two.’’

Lochte’s imagined finish would then include muscle flexing and bellowing in triumph. He made no mention of a diamond grill in his mouth on the podium, but that's almost a sure bet as well.

“To me, that’s the best way I can put a race,’’ he said.

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What a immature stupid young kid. He needs to grow up, They are team mates

    Reply#2 - Fri Aug 3, 2012 5:52 PM EDT

    This guy makes me a Phelps fan...

      Reply#3 - Mon Aug 6, 2012 4:30 AM EDT
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