London's colorful Wapping: Lift a pint where pirates roamed

Where else but London can you enjoy a refreshing pint of beer overlooking a hangman's noose? I'm Jack Rees, a producer for the London bureau of NBC News, and I live in Wapping, a riverside area that once was awash with skullduggery, teeming with cutthroat sailors, rakes and swashbucklers.

Because I love Britain's naval past, I'm eager to share my neighborhood with you; even to many citizens of this great city, it remains a hidden treasure. So in this video, I head to London's river Thames with maritime history expert Peter van der Merwe to track down where Captain Kidd was hung, tarred, and left to rot. Arrr!

NBC London Bureau producer Jack Rees grabs a pint at London's 'execution dock' with maritime history expert Peter Van Der Merwe to learn a bit of London's gruesome pirate history.


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