Tales from the crypt (beneath London, that is)

My name is Rupert Barker and I am a London-based producer for the TODAY show. As such, I often have the chance to explore parts of the city most people don't get a chance to see.

There is a huge amount of history on the surface here, but there are also amazing stories to be found below ground too. In fact, there is a whole subterranean world right beneath our feet: the London under London.

In this video, I explore one such place: a vast honeycomb of tunnels under the busy streets of central London - the Crypt of St. Pancras Church, near Euston Station. It's a hidden corner that's well worth finding!

Claire Pinney, curator of St. Pancras Crypt Gallery in London, England, takes us on a tour of this extensive, elaborate underground crypt and explains its history.

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