Revealed: London's hidden haven for foodies

For die-hard foodies looking for great products at reasonable prices, London's Maltby Street Market has emerged as an alternative to Borough Market. Food blogger Sally Hurst takes viewers on a tour of this food lover's paradise.

Borough Market is probably London's most famous food market, but I recently discovered Maltby Street Market just down the road. As an American chef and food writer who has lived in London for the past three years, I'm always on the hunt for the best places to buy ingredients for my clients. Often I'll drag my husband, NBC News producer Ghazi Balkiz, away from his busy schedule to accompany my on my latest culinary excursions. Whether you're a chef or just appreciate fine food, Maltby Street Market, with its fresh produce, unusual culinary products, and fabulous restaurants makes for a terrific day out!  

I love London because there is always a surprise right around the next corner, and Maltby was one of those fantastic discoveries for me.  Not happy to continue paying a premium for space at Borough Market, several vendors decided to open their own little bazaar and keep prices reasonable for their regular customers. Now it's coming into its own, and on Saturday mornings Londoners flock to this little-known haven tucked between public housing high rises and car repair shops.  

You can learn more about Maltby Street Market and the other culinary joys I encounter on a daily basis here on my blog, An American Chef in London.

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